Everything To Know About The Best Bed Pad: Incontinence Underpads

Everything To Know About The Best Bed Pad: Incontinence Underpads

For those living with incontinence or poor conditions, you need to choose the right products to make your regular work quite easy and manageable. An incontinence underpad is a rectangular or square piece of absorbent material, which is made with a water-resistant lining to offer required protection from leakages. These bed pads are available in multiple size options to ensure absorbencies and are commonly placed on the top of mattresses, car seats, and chairs. Incontinence bed pads are extremely useful to care for physically inactive patients in residential settings. These thick reusable underpads will also offer maximum comfort to patients and are often a perfect choice to add protection from leakages. It's thin to support patients, who all need to be changed bedsheets frequently. Before choosing incontinence underpads at reasonable prices, make sure to evaluate your specific needs ahead of making your smart purchases.

Now, let’s look for the types of bed pads available to support incontinence patients –

    • Absorbency Bed Pads
This kind of bed pad is made of polymer to quickly absorb moisture and liquid that turns into an odor-retaining gel. It's thin and reusable to hold liquids for longer, which is made of poly-rayon or rayon soaker to absorb cores and is superior to disposable leakage.
    • Airflow Underpads
This type of underpad is commonly used to support special requirements of physically inactive patients, who all need to get airflow therapy beds. It helps to diffuse heat and moisture to keep dry and cool skin all-around its circulation capacities and is enough strong to move a patient whenever required to change. This airflow underpad will offer required protection to patients as well as mattresses to minimize moisture and heat building.
    • Top Material Pads
This type of underpad will offer a soft top layer to the bed for adding required comfort to patients. It's comparatively inexpensive and recommended for those with special conditions. A top material pad is only recommended to purchase if your physician is in demand for that.
    • Backing Material Underpads

This budget-friendly bed pad is made of plastic to add the required protection to the mattress from leakages. But this kind of incontinence underpad can sometimes result in slipping, and some of its variants can provide adhesive strips to stay in order. Reusable bed pads are customized to offer more comforts to patients, which you can quickly change to ensure convenience. Although these backing material pads aren’t made to support the moisture-wicking properties of their disposable foils.

The size of incontinence underpads will vary manufacturer-to-manufacturer, and it generally ranges from 17 x 24 inches to 40 x 57 inches. A large bed pad is commonly used to cover a mattress and smaller underpads are excellent on chairs, car seats, and other items. To have full coverage and ensure greater protection, you can also get to pick multiple pads at special discounts.

An incontinence underpad is very simple to use, which will offer maximum protection to the bed from leakages. To add a sense of ultimate protection to your sheet, you can even choose to place it over the fitted bedsheet. That’s wise to get a soft material and enjoy maximum comfort while sleeping on underpads.

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